Glue and solvent containers

Glue containers

Wide range of ultrasonic welded glue containers.

  • They avoid the drying of the glue thanks to the automatic dispenser and the closure emertica
  • The brushes are enclosed in the container itself
  • Ideal for all liquid adhesives that tend to evaporate when exposed to air for long periods


  • Minor: 0.4 lt
  • Medium: 0.9 lt
  • Major: 1.5 lt
  • Gigant: 3 lt

The containers are supplied with box and brush.

Solvents dispenser

Suitable for the use of chemical toxic products. It eliminates the risk of vapours inhalation.


Made entirely of stainless steel, in addition to safety, it also guarantees the reduction of material waste


  • Maximum capacity of the lower container: 1.5 liters
  • Diameter of the lower container (handles excluded): 14 cm
  • Total height without cap: 21 cm
  • Total height with cap: 23.5 cm