Cutting blades

Hide splitting blades

Range of Alber and Steyer hide splitting blades.


High reliability and total compatibility on Alberti, Atom-Ellegi, Camoga, Fortuna, Omsa and Sagitta splitting machines.

Skiving blades

Steyer, Fortuna and Comelz skiving blades.

  • "S" version for light and normal leathers
  • "K" version for heavy leathers

Blades for leather cutters

Blades for hand knives used in leather goods.


The blades available are in yellow or white version:

  • Yellow blade (D shore 54): in rolls of 1.0 or 5.0 m
  • White blade (D shire 57): in rolls of 1.0 or 5.0 m
  • Both blades are also available in 18 or 100 cm sizes