Toe-puff/counter and insole materials


The Lefaflex® range consists of a series of materials in regenerated leather mainly used for the production of toe puffs and counters.

  • The particular formulation of Lefaflex® leatherboard is specially designed to obtain excellent pre-forming with high shape retention.
  • The standard size of the sheets is 100x140 cm.

Pi.Tex® Innovation

The PI.TEX® Innovation consists of the latest generation of thermomasses and thermoplastic materials able to give the right support to the upper in the production of both toe puffs and counters.


Thermomasses and thermoplastic materials are particularly suitable for city, sports and casual footwear, guaranteeing a perfect adaptability to the required shape of the toe puff and the counter.

Pi.Tex® Basic

PI.TEX® Basic consists of extruded and non-woven materials specially designed to give the support and the right balance to the upper.

  • The extruded materials are first generation with backing on one or both sides of non-woven, coated with EVA or polyurethane based thermoadhesive.
  • The non-woven materials are polyester base impregnated and coated with  EVA based thermoadhesive.



The range of Compact® materials consists of non-woven materials specially designed for the construction of the insole.


Non-woven materials impregnated with a mixture of polymers suitable for all types of shoes. They are characterized by breathability, abrasion/delamination resistance and the release of moisture. The range includes also a non-woven coated polypropylene extruded backing