Materials and components for the production of classic, sneakers and technical sports shoes



Fabrics, reinforcements and materials for the leather industry



Fabrics and components for safety and sports clothing
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Because we care about the future

Pidigi Recycle System

Recognizing fully the need to safeguard the resources of our planet, Pidigi has already started for several years a path aimed at protecting the environment around her. The goal is to make a contribution so that the textile, footwear and leather industries can develop a circular economy process and therefore eco-sustainable in the creation of their products. Pidigi through the introduction of eco-friendly materials and a close awareness towards its customers, wishes to build a fashion industry able to combine high individual needs and responsibilities without any compromise for future generations.


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Why us


Product Innovation
Constant search for innovative technical solutions
Renewable Energy
8 photovoltaic systems, annual reduction of> 700 tons. Co2
Recycling Oriented
Offer of recycled and recyclable materials and production processes to protect the environment
Quality Control
Rigorous quality tests for each product in the range
Certified Products
Internationally recognized certifications